Website and Email Hosting Services for Your Business

Our Website and Email Hosting Services can help your company save time and money on administrative and hardware costs that are associated with these types of services, as well as installing and maintaining on-site servers. Start using the Cloud, for what it was designed to do.

Reliable, Hosted Cloud Services
Cloud services help simplify the lives of individuals and businesses every day. XtremeTech’s Website and Email Hosting Services help to eliminate the headaches, hassles and costs of purchasing your own in-house equipment and having to hire additional staff to maintain this equipment.

Email Hosting Features

Looking for reliable email service with the features you get from Microsoft Exchange, but without the high price tag? We provide email hosting service with all the features of Microsoft Exchange at a fraction of the cost. You can use your own domain name so your email looks professional. Why keep settling for the free email services that makes your company look unprofessional and unreliable. Let XtremeTech host your email for you! Here are a few features our email service can offer:

Webmail Client

Get instant access to your email and more from your favorite web browser! Our webmail client is both extremely intuitive and easy to use. All you need is an internet connection!

Group Chat

Whether you’re a team of 2 or 200, Our private and secure team chat allows you to communicate with multiple groups across your organization using your favorite live chat app.

Team collaboration

Share your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes and truly collaborate with anyone in your company, department or even across a group of users within your organization.

SPAM & Virus Filtering

Every email message received is scanned for viruses and filtered for SPAM before it even hits the mail server. So rest assure that your email is safe.


Website Hosting

We understand that not everyone has the time or know how to manage a website. Get rid of the headache and hassle and let XtremeTech host your website! We will take care of the setup, management, migration and administration so you don’t have to.

Not finding the cloud service you need? Contact us to see how we can assist you!